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Nicholas Lim, Concept Designer
I am a professional concept designer and illustrator available for freelance design or illustration work. Please contact me via email or notes here on DeviantArt for rates, availability and to discuss your project.



'Cobra' Railgun Drone by Magnum117
'Cobra' Railgun Drone
Cobra Railgun Drone - substitutes regular infantry when confronting tough or well-entrenched opposition. Railgun can spot enemies through walls and the Multipurpose Launcher can fire almost any payload required for the task: Anti-Tank, Anti-Personnel, Auto-Locking Cluster Rockets, etc. The drone can also elevate the turret to hit targets over waist-high objects if thermal detection is somehow unavailable.

A 3D modeller named Dangeruss made a drone which was inspired by the above concept. Check out his highly detailed work here! 


*Note - sorry if there is no thumbnail, I'm not quite sure why it doesn't work. Perhaps it's for Core subscribers?

TRSF Northern Headquarters by Magnum117
TRSF Northern Headquarters
TRSF northern headquarters. Strike infantry, Wasp synchropters and various other aircraft and sea vessels patrol the immediate surroundings.

The central Spire holds most of the aircraft and ships. It holds massive living areas, working laboratories, communications arrays, vast manufacturing facilities and other important research labs.

The Spire and the floating rings are powered by carefully spaced solar farms and wind turbines. Wave power is also used as part of the green energy supply. Massive clouds of steam are periodically seen wafting from the spire, as these are used to cool certain heavy machinery.

The docks are used to accept shipments from all across the globe. Personnel and materiel are also sent overseas for deployment. 

The coastal islands hold several small cities. Certain zones within such cities are made available to civilians, housing most of the ancillary work staff who are not fully part of the TRSF. Commercial living areas, schools and hospitals can be found there.

Hidden bunkers, drone deployment platforms, mini airbases and secret tunnels can be used to counter any assault. Such hidden military bases are scattered throughout the nearby mountains.

Personal work.
My name is Nicholas Lim. I'm a professional concept designer available for freelance or full-time work on concept art and illustrations. Contact me via notes or email:

Strategic Strike Infantry with HOG Railgun by Magnum117 TRSF Strike Infantry by Magnum117 Mamba Scout Spotter 01 by Magnum117
Automated Stinger Ground Scout by Magnum117 'Panzerschild' Howitzer Mech by Magnum117
Lightning Chief Space Fighter by Magnum117Space Combat - Fighter PoV by Magnum117
HIVE Inc. HQ Assault by Magnum117'Wasp' Synchcopter Gunship by Magnum117

Return from Battle by Magnum117'Brutal' Jaguar Warrior by Magnum117

Concepts and illustrations for vehicles, props, characters, creatures, environments. Explanatory callout sheets, orthographic diagrams, production paintings, material reference, UI rough layouts, mood boards, storyboards.

I work only if there is a legal binding contract which is decided after negotiating rates, work duration, deliverables, image formats, and other important details. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) may also be signed.

If my work is to be used elsewhere (e.g. promotional and marketing purposes), please make mention of it, as it shall affect the rates.

I commence work after receiving a portion (usually half the total amount for the job) of the fee. I will attach a watermark on each in-progress image where appropriate or send a low resolution file for each milestone.

Revisions and changes during the concept phase can be done up to certain amount. There is no room for endless revisions.

Potential clients will need to carefully but quickly approve each milestone before progressing to the next stage. Communication is key.

*Work Process

- Client brief overview and negotiations.
- Thumbnails and sketches.
- Refined thumbnails or exploring a new direction.
- More feedback, precursor to final work.
- Final work/ design. Very minor changes can be requested.

*Terms and Conditions

- Client brief should be as clear and precise as possible, written in English.
- Quicker feedback response will allow for quicker progression.
- I will notify clients of any delays/ complications early.
- My work must be credited but under license/ copyright of the client.
- I am allowed to display work in my portfolio with credit to the commercial owner. NDA's will affect this term, of course.
- Once the first transaction comes through, I shall begin work.
- The final transaction comes after the final milestone, at which the job is concluded.  
- Completed files can be sent via email, but larger files can be sent via Dropbox or a file transfer service of the client's choosing.
- If I am unable to complete the job, I shall notify the client and finalise any pending transactions before the conclusion. 

*Payment Terms

- I charge in United States Dollars (USD).
- PayPal, bank transfer preferred. Subject to negotiation.
- Payment is broken down into several milestones according to project.
- No refunds.

Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Fusion 360, Keyshot.
Lightning Chief Space Fighter by Magnum117
Lightning Chief Space Fighter
International Aerospace IAS-150 Lightning Chief Space Fighter. Armed with a single Railgun and two tactical lasers on each wingtip. Thrusters placed along several key areas allow for fantastic vacuum environment manoeuvres. The cockpit also ejects in the event of an emergency.

This spacecraft is not designed for atmospheric re-entry or use, hence the lack of landing gear or ceramic tiles. The Lightning Chief is held in zero-gee hangars, clamped by specially designed machinery within the support vessels or military space stations.

Pilots commonly wear lightly armoured space suits in the event that the shields, hull and cockpit canopy fail.

Personal work.
Space Combat - Fighter PoV by Magnum117
Space Combat - Fighter PoV

Done for fun. I was trying to imagine flying through space from the point of view of a veteran fighter ace. The second image is from the battle prior to the POV cockpit painting. The red fighters have several Vernier thrusters to manoeuvre in space on different axes.

Note the battle damage on the canopy glass, I wanted to show wear and tear from inside the one man fighter.

Title says it all, I've got new stuff lined up here.

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